Some examples of recent FBS projects

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Waterloo Station, London
New concourse with BAM and Network Rail

Eastbourne Terrace, London
Concrete repair and pour

Metro Bank, Reading
Demolition, propping in difficult site

Premier House, Twickenham.
Office refurbishment and hard landscaping

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Premier House, Twickenham.
Premier house was an office refurbishment job carried out for Wates Construction, we started off doing the builders work package picking up additional work from week to week. We then were awarded the hard landscaping package keeping us working on the project for over a year.
Eastbourne Terrace, London.
We carried out to works to both 10 and 30 Eastbourne Terrace, the work involved pouring new floors on the building, adding concrete up stands and plinths. There was also a large amount of concrete repairs carried out to the existing RC structure. We also carried out the drainage and hard landscaping to these projects. There were a lot of changes as the project went on due to the Cross Rail project running adjacent to the site, we had to adapt and use our experience to help the project along, both, complying to the Cross Rail requirements as well as finishing the works on time.
Metro Bank, Reading
We initially carried out the enabling works package and went on to win the external works including soft landscaping, hard landscaping and tarmac works across the site. There was an element of drainage works carried along with various elements of demolition and brickwork in fills. We worked on this project for a long period of time and completed a variety of works due to our diverse nature.
Waterloo Station, London.
BAM was given the contract to build a new concourse balcony to increase the commercial usage of the station. FBS was employed to form all the new complex balcony foundations, suspended escalator pits and slabs within the busiest live station in England. Working on a Network Rail site comes with its own set of unique rules, which we were able to adapt to. This allowed us to work well with both Network Rail and the principle contractor, making the project run smoothly as possible. The package also included soft strip and structural alterations to existing Network Rail offices.

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